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Street Team

What is the RockstarMedia Street Team?

The Street Team is a group of music and art loving volunteers who work together to help expose Rockstarmedia bands and projects to friends and fellow music and art fans as well as to music and art venues/Art buyers/ etc in their hometown. Members use promotional materials like Samplers, Stickers, Videos, Flyers, Postcards, and Posters (depending on availability) to give away to people just like themselves. Additionally, the team spreads the word throughout the online world via bulletin board postings, emails, e-cards, and radio station requests.

What do I have to do as a Street Team member?

All we ask is that you use the promotional items to reach out to music and Art fans like yourself, promote the bands and the projects!

Where would be a good place to give away promotional material?

Since you know your hometown better than anyone else, give materials away at places where people just like your self hang out and spend leisure time. In case you're stumped or are looking for some ideas, here's a list of places that are great for handing out promotional material:

The sky is the limit, let your imagination guide you and promote promote promote!

What's in it for me?

Other than participating in the excitement of promoting the bands and projects and making some new friends, you'll have a chance to win some cool prizes throughout the year plus chances for free tickets and other cool giveaways, exclusive links to new music and videos and special promotional items exclusive to the Street Team.

Is there an E-Team?

All Street Team Members are encouraged to promote the bands and projects online. You can do this by posting about the band or projects in chat rooms, sending music streams of the band's music pictures of artworks or links to their sites to your friends via email, and by visiting music sites, extreme sports & gaming sites, and your other favourite sites and posting about the bands and projects. Please supply a link to the Rockstarmedia website so people can visit and listen to our music and view our upcoming ventures. Please do not spam sites with multiple posts. Our intention is to promote, not to annoy.

What will I get when I join?

Normally we initially send out Flyers and posters, or just ask you to surf the web ;) Sometimes, we will make Samplers, stickers, Videos and special exclusive items available as they are created. As soon as you sign up, we'll send you an exclusive of one of our artists.

Are there any Rockstarmedia Street Team Rules?

All merchandise is to be given out freely. It's NOT to be sold. So please don't sell your materials anywhere - that includes on Ebay or any other auction site. Some stores or venues may have rules against handing out materials on their property. So please ask, if in doubt. In addition, it is against the law to affix stickers or posters to public or private property. Do not engage in or promote Rockstarmedia or its bands or projects or engage in other Street Team activities in private locations unless you have permission. Do not put stickers, posters or other materials on public or private property unless you have permission. We are not responsible for any fines or other legal consequences (including possible arrest) you suffer if you post materials in an illegal location. For instance; fines for illegal poster hanging can run into thousands to please be aware of this!

Where can I get online flyers or artwork to make my own flyers, posters and stuff?

It would be really cool if you could help us that way! Please contact a member of the street team and they will guide you through.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Contact a member of the Rockstarmedia street team, listed here in our webpage.

Where do I join?

We hope soon to have an online form for this but until then please contact our street team with your email address and phone number and we will do the rest.