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Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake Pic 1Crystal Lake are Alex Moerman & Paul Gorbulski.

These two producers who are both in their early 20’s specialize in Dance music, combining trance elements with acoustic instruments,(but also working in many other styles under alter egos.)

Alex contributes the beats and the track design. He used to play the drums and therefore has a great ability in creating the right groove for Crystal Lake's tracks.

Crystal Lake Pic 2Paul is in charge of the melodies and the lyrics. When Paul was a kid he used to play the violin, after training for 1 year he threw the violin against the wall and broke it! Guess that wasn’t meant to be. Smile. After his unsuccessful violin experience Paul started taking piano lessons, which lasted for 8 years!
Lucky for Alex, Paul couldn't throw the piano anywhere as it was too heavy to lift up…

It all started in the summer of 1999, when the two cooperated on their first track, nothing special happened at first but Alex & Paul realized they could work together as a team!

By 2003, they were well acquainted and well on their way. Crystal Lake came up with a huge,  Israeli dance floor filler with the hit “Tutim” featuring vocals by Yael Peles.

Crystal Lake Pic 3The success of this track led to a Crystal Lake tour in Israel and they obviously left their mark as the song is still a regular favorite on many DJ turntables today.

After that Paul & Alex realized that they could do the same in Europe, and that’s exactly what they are doing now!
With productions and remixes for John Marks of White Villa in Holland and Germanys own superstar DJ Jan Wayne, already under their belt, they are up and running and destined for an even better run in 2007.

Crystal Lake also collaborates in projects such as Sunny Inc, Pavex, and Global Warming amongst others.

Crystal Lake Pic 4The guys are available for co-writes, productions and remixes as well as DJ sets... So for more information check them out under Multimedia or their weblinks, and get in touch if you have any Artists or projects that you think would benefit from some hot new mixes.

For DJ bookings, remixes or Productions, please email us, you will find our details under Contact.

Home Page: www.c-lake.com

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